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TBR-HANKOOK 315/80/22.5,20PR,AL22, A/P HWY 156/150M

TBR-HANKOOK 315/80/22.5,20PR,AL22, A/P HWY 156/150M

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The Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 SUV is a performance and high performance, summer tire manufactured for sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

The tire offers exceptional summer weather traction thanks to variable factors. The cooling system and the intercooler prevent heat retention that can deform the tread area. They achieve this by controlling excessive heat build up. The silica-based tire compound improves the wet weather road gripping ability, along with the aqua driving controls water dispersing ability, which prevents hydroplaning. The tread pattern provides great gripping ability in dry and wet weather conditions. These factors working together offer a safe driving experience in the hot summer temperatures, but the tire is not suited or safe to be driven in winter weather.

The silica-based tire compound lowers the rolling resistance, which in turn lowers the fuel consumption of the vehicle and takes the driving pressure off the tire, providing a longer lasting tread life. The longer tread also wears evenly thanks to the alignment indicators. The alignment indicators are present parallelly on both shoulders of the same tire in different places. They wear with the tread and indicate whether the vehicle's alignment is correct or not. If the two parallel symbols wear in the same manner, the alignment is good, if not then it needs to be fixed before the tires develop an irregular tread wear pattern. This enables the driver to check their tires regularly and prevent uneven wear, which lengthens the tread life and usability.

The model is easy to control in all summer weather conditions thanks to its great stability and steering responsiveness. The high stiffness bead filler and the wide steel belt layer increase the tires driving stability and steering responsiveness by maintaining constant road contact. They keep the tire on the road in both dry and wet situations. The tire is quick and accurate in its response to the driver's commands and it allows the driver to confidently control the tire in all weather conditions. It also provides excellent uniformity and high speed durability. The strong single strand bead wire prevents deformation under the high speed driving pressures, enabling the tire to perform to its highest capability.

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