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TBR-HANKOOK 245/70R17.5 143/141J TH31 C/C A/P

TBR-HANKOOK 245/70R17.5 143/141J TH31 C/C A/P

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The Hankook Smart Flex TH31 is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. This model was created for the vehicle's trailer axle.

Exceptional year-round traction is promoted with this model. The all season compound and the ribbed tread design enhance the dry, wet, and winter weather performance. Durable compound elements maintain their rubber flexibility throughout the performance, optimizing the summer and winter weather traction. The sipe and notch pattern creates additional biting edges, which increase the surface traction. Circumferential grooves channel water and slush from the footprint, effectively avoiding hydroplaning in the process.

The tread design's constant road contact boosts the tire's controllability. The wider ribs on the shoulders guarantee the tire's surface traction, which results in optimized steering responsiveness and driving stability. As a result, the towing vehicle has more control over the trailer and the trailer axle as the tires promote a quick and precise steering response. They also stabilize the structure against the driving pressure affecting the tire. The better road contact helps to minimize the possibility of the trailer's swaying during the vehicle's performance.

The Hankook Smart Flex TH31 offers lengthened usability. The tread design's wider rib pattern ensures even pressure circulation across the tread area. In this manner, the tire is able to prevent irregular and premature wear caused by pressure accumulation. The special groove slant design protects the tire from damage. It resists the tread's scuffing, chipping, and tearing, making sure they don't shorten the service life. This guarantees the tire's overall service life.

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