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11R24.5 16PR ATLAS DRV-09e+ 146/143M AT M+S

11R24.5 16PR ATLAS DRV-09e+ 146/143M AT M+S

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The DRV-09E+ offers a lengthened usability. The stabilized tread elements and the durable tire compound work together to extend the tread life. The stable tread elements prevent tread flexing and ensure even pressure distribution along the tread area. This results in even tread wear throughout the tires performance. The durable wear-resistant tire compound increases the tread life too by decreasing the tread wear rate. This combination provides a longer lasting tread life.


The model’s reinforced internal structure upgrades the tire’s load durability. The stronger construction’s full length steel belt package manages to maintains the tire’s ideal shape under the load and driving pressure affecting the model. In this manner, the tire does not deform under the pressure which significantly increases the load capacity. As a result, the tire is capable of securely performing as it is capable of carrying and withstanding heavy loads.

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